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  President Trump Rally in Las Vegas  CSPAN  September 21, 2018 3:04am-4:08am EDT

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it's influencing every aspect of american life, culture, economics, politics, and in ways you have detected, the way journalists interact with this ongoing story. >> sunday night at 8:00 eastern on c-span's "q and a." >> president trump visited las vegas to speak at a campaign rally. and his remarks at the las vegas convention center, the president talks about his record on the economy and reiterated his support for supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh. this is one hour.
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i'm proud to be an american, where at least i know on free ♪ ♪ i won't forget the men who died who gave that right to me ♪ [cheering and applauding] ♪ there ain't no doubt i love this land ♪ ♪ god bless the usa
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[cheering and applauding] ♪ i'm proud to be an american, where at least i know i'm free ♪ ♪ and i won't forget the men who died who gave that right to me ♪ ♪ ♪ there ain't no doubt i love this land ♪ ♪ god bless the usa [cheering and applauding] [crowd chanting "usa!"] [crowd chanting "usa!"] [crowd chanting "usa!"] [crowd chanting "usa!"] [crowd chanting "usa!"] [crowd chanting "usa!"] president trump: hello, las vegas. hello, how are you?
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how is everybody? we love las vegas, thank you. and i am thrilled to be back in nevada! [cheering and applauding] i always have to say that name just right. with thousands of proud hard-working american patriots, the people of nevada love our country, honor our values and always respect our great american flag. [cheering and applauding] and except for a lot of the fake news that you see from the people back here -- [crowd jeering] president trump: this is an incredible time for our country.
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[cheering and applauding] america is winning again. [cheering and applauding] america is being respected again. [cheering and applauding] because we are finally putting america first again. [cheering and applauding] we have the best economy in our history. [cheering and applauding] and i have to tell you this, if our opponent got into office, which would have been a very, very sad, sad period of time, instead of your -- [crowd chanting]
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president trump: it is a pretty sad day, isn't it? don't worry, it is all going to get better. it is all going to get better, but if our opponent got into office, your 401(k)'s, instead of being up 52% in a short period of time, would have been down 52%. that is what is going to happen. that is what was going to happen. that is where it was going. wages, right now, are rising and poverty is plummeting. you see it. poverty is plummeting. jobless claims just hit a 50-year low. 50. 5-0.
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and the stock market today, just hit another all-time high. [cheering and applauding] we are fighting every day for our factories, our ranches, our great miners, our farmers, and we are now the largest producer of energy in the entire world. [applause] and it is not by luck. we are rebuilding our military. we are crushing the tariffs, and we're taking care of our great veterans, we're taking care of our veterans. [cheering and applauding] first time in a long time. we have also just identified the first remains of our fallen
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warriors from north korea. these incredible heros now lay at rest in american soil. a lot of progress being made on north korea. a lot of progress. you remember before i came in, it looked like we were going to war with north korea. now we made a lot of progress. relationships are getting better and better, and we have our hostages back, and there is no more nuclear testing, and there is no testing of missiles or rockets over japan. we're doing well, and we're getting our remains back, very important. we believe no american should be left behind. [applause]
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pres. trump: so we have midterms coming up, and you remember when we had that great, great election, almost two years ago, can you believe it? [cheering and applauding] and you remember the tears from the fake news media, when it was obvious that we were going to win. and you know what? they are still crying. look at them. they are still crying. [laughter] they are still crying and let them cry. they don't know what the hell happened, but it happened and that is why we're setting all-time records. that is why we are doing so well, but we have to get out for the midterms. promise me, you got to get out. don't be complacent. you got to get out for the midterms. you got to vote. you got to vote. we need more republicans.
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you know, when they say we have a majority, it is like this -- it is like this. if somebody has a cold, we don't have a majority that day. it is like we have to have more republicans in office. we'll get everything that we want so fast. we got to have it. [cheering and applauding] pres. trump: so tonight, we're joined by some really terrific friends of mine and republican leaders from the great state of nevada, including two great candidates for congress. preston harding, where is preston? and somebody who has been supporting me a long time, and he has shown such incredible stamina and loyalty and friendship, and we
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got to get him to win this race. danny tarkanian. danny. [applause] thanks, danny. what a great guy. thank you, danny. danny, thank you for everything. you really are -- you have done a great job. thank you, man. they are going to get you in. vote for him. vote for tarkanian. also, your next governor, a very popular guy in these parts with a great family. adam laxalt, and another friend of mine who was really outstanding, because you know, i have a little to use -- to use an interesting word, bias.
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bias for this area. i love this area. you know the word bias. they have been talking about bias. yeah. there was a lot of bias. you know that. i have bias for this area and, also, for our great gop chairman, michael mcdonald. [applause] finally, i want you to please welcome the person that we're all here for tonight. now i have to say this -- we started out, we weren't friends. i didn't like him. he didn't like me. and as we fought and fought and fought, believe it or not, we started to respect each other, then we started to like each other, then we started to love each other, and the fact is -- and the fact is, he has been a tremendous supporter ever since i won the election.
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he has always been there. we can count on his vote. i mean wacky jacky will never vote for us, never. she is wacky. she is never going to vote for us. you can count on his vote for second amendments, for tax reductions, for regulation cuts, for judges, oh, look at our judges. oh what is going on? [applause] [chanting] you know one of the reasons i was elected was because you believed i was going to pick great supreme court justices. [cheering and applauding]
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and brett kavanaugh -- [cheering and applauding] and i am not saying anything about anyone else, but i want to tell you that brett kavanaugh is one of the finest human beings you will ever have the privilege of knowing or meeting. [cheering and applauding] a great intellect, a great gentleman, an impeccable reputation, went to yale, top student, went to yale law school, top student, so we got to let it play out, but i want to tell you, he is a fine, fine person. [cheering and applauding]
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so he has a tremendous support. i can tell you that. tremendous. just like neil gorsuch, who is now on the supreme court as -- has tremendous support, so we let it play out, and i think everything is going to be just fine. this is a high-quality person. [applause] and a man that agrees with that, and right now, his vote is more important than mine, because he has got to help bring it in. i tell you what, he respects him just like i respect him, but with dean, we can count on him. with jacky, she is never going to vote for us. she may talk it. she says you know, a lot of
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states where they like trump, these candidates on the other side, they get up and they talk nicely about me, but they never get a vote. they say trump is wonderful. we like him a lot. i won the states like by 34 points and they get up and say we like him a lot. he is great. he is wonderful, but they are never going to vote for us, so it doesn't matter. i would rather have them say bad things about me and give us their vote. look, they are never going to vote for us. they are voting for nancy pelosi. they are voting for the new defacto leader of the democratic party, maxine waters. [crowd jeering] and they are voting for crying chuck schumer. [crowd jeering] whereas your incredible senator, dean heller, is going to be with us all the time. [cheering and applauding]
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come on up here, dean. come on up here, dean. [cheering and applauding] dean heller. [cheering and applauding] dean: hey! boy does this president know how to pack the people in one room? this is incredible! [cheering and applauding] mr. president, i think he just turned nevada red today! [cheering and applauding] mr. president, welcome to las vegas! [cheering and applauding]
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home of the rebels. -- running rebels. home of the golden knights. [cheering and applauding] and the future home of the las vegas raiders! [cheering and applauding] [laughter] mr. president, we have 300,000 veterans in the state of nevada. [cheering and applauding] they are in front of us, and they are behind us, and we're thrilled to have them with us today. they want to thank you for delivering a better health care system at the v. a.
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[cheering and applauding] mr. president, our veterans want to thank you for giving them the benefits and the support that they deserve. [cheering and applauding] mr. president, we have thousands, thousands, of military men and women that serve here in the state of nevada. they want to thank you. they want to thank you for funding our armed forces, so that they can do their job and serve our country. [cheering and applauding] mr. president, our military men and women want to thank you for the largest pay raise in the last 10 years. [cheering and applauding]
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most importantly, mr. president, thank you for putting nevada back to work. [cheering and applauding] because of your administration, nevada families have more money in their paychecks. nevada families have more money in their pockets. [cheering and applauding] and mr. president, because of this stock market, that just mentioned, they are doing better with their pensions and 401(k)'s. [cheering and applauding] mr. president, it is an honor to work with you in putting nevada back to work. thank you very much, mr. president. [cheering and applauding] president trump: thank you, dean. thank you, dean. thank you, dean.
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and dean really is a champion, and i can tell you, i worked with him. he is a champion for our workers, for our families, and for our veterans. we have to keep him. he led the charge in congress to pass the most significant veterans reforms in half a century, including the va accountability act, you know what that is? that means people that work in the va are accountable if they don't treat our veterans well, if they don't do a good job, if you have that, if they steal and you have that, we say sorry, but you are fired. [cheering and applauding] before you couldn't do that. you couldn't do it. now you can do it.
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havebeen 45 years they been trying to get it. it doesn't sound like much. it is everything. so much. and most importantly, 46 years, va choice, this is where a veteran has to wait long periods to see a doctor. no longer. they now go and see a private doctor. if there is a line, they don't have to wait for 12 days, for 20 days, for 40 days. they go see a doctor. we pay for the doctor. they get taken care of. they get taken care of, and dean has led the effort in congress to fully fund veterans affairs. it is a big deal, and he has been really great. he really has. so i just want to say this, there has been no better friend. we started off slow, but we ended up strong. i've had no better friend in congress than dean heller, so thank you. thank you.
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thank you, dean. [cheering and applauding] we got to elect republicans. that means our great congressman, potential congressman, and we have to get dean to fight for nevada, to to fight for our heroes, and to help us make things honest around here. you know what is going on, so we are going to drain the swamp, drain the swamp. [applause] [chanting] pres. trump: early voting, so important. early voting starts in exactly one month, october 20, so you can vote early, but you got to get out and vote.
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and remember this, dean's democrat opponent jacky. jacky rosen, jacky, doesn't want to debate. she is bought and paid for by her donors 100%. i said, hey, dean, when is the debate? he said she won't debate me. that is not good. that is not good. rosen doesn't represent neveda's values. she represents the extreme liberal values of her out-of-state donors funding almost 90% of her campaign.
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but even that, just so you understand, she is going to do whatever pelosi and schumer tell her to do, ok? [crowd jeering] pres. trump: everyone of them come in and say, we want to be bipartisan, they never vote for us. jacky rosen voted no on tax cuts. you know that? she voted for the disaster which is really big change rapidly. you know, we got rid of the individual mandate, the most unpopular thing. the disaster known as obamacare. jacky rosen thosvoted against kate's law, and she voted
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in favor of deadly sanctuary cities, which nobody wants. [crowd jeering] and jacky rosen voted against the va accountability act. how do you do that? how do you do that? so she really, if you think about it, she voted for criminal aliens against veterans, for criminal aliens against citizens of our country, that is where she is. you don't want it. you don't want it. a vote for wacky jacky is a vote for the extreme agenda of those people. as pelosi-schumer want, it is to vote for more taxes. seriously. it is a vote for more taxes, more crime, and more regulation, which stops everything from happening. you know? we cut regulations more than any administration in the history of
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our country, and i did it in less than two years. [cheering and applauding] and it is one of the reasons that you have all of those jobs. one of the reasons that you can now go out and look for another job if you are not happy because everybody wants to hire you and you are getting higher wages for the first time in 21 years. [cheering and applauding] the new platform of the democrat party is radical socialism and open border. [crowd jeering] and i won't allow the united states of america to become the next venezuela. that is what they want to do. [chanting]
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president trump: so we started the wall a year ago. we have done a lot. we have rebuilt a lot of sections of wall in san diego and a lot of areas, we're starting a big, brand-new section. we spent $1.6 billion, then another $1.6 billion. unfortunately, sadly, because of the democrats obstruction, only $1.6 billion sounds like a lot, but it is not when you are talking about what we are talking about, $1.6 billion was just approved. i am not thrilled, but after the election, they are all telling me we are getting our wall the
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way we want it, so let's see what happens. let's see what happens. let's see if they produce. in this election, and by the way, we want that wall. we want that wall. you know where i am. i could knock it out, because i do that well. that was what i do well. i build. we could knock that wall out in one year if they gave us the funds. i tell you what, though, if you look at these people, even though they know you need it. well, they voted for the wall in 2006. they vote for border security, then they found out, oh, gee, from maybe their standpoint, they can't do that, but they all voted for it. hillary clinton voted for it, right? remember her? but i will tell you this, i will tell you this, everybody
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knows -- [chanting] president trump: how is our justice department doing? so they all wanted the wall. we are going to get the wall, but it would be a lot easier if you get republicans in there to vote, please. ok. a lot easier. because their whole agenda on bigger things we can get. you can see what we have gotten. we got things. we have $700 billion to rebuild the military. we then got $716 billion to rebuild it a second year. $700 billion. but the whole agenda, they know we want the wall.
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they want to oppose it. they want to obstruct it. they want to resist. you know the campaign? it is called resist. honestly, they are lousy politicians. their policy is terrible, but they are good at sticking together and resisting. that is all they can do. and you are witnessing it right now, but we're going to be victorious. you watch. you watch. [cheering and applauding] >> they are good at it. resist. you know, they see the signs "resist, resist" that is what it is all about. but this election, you have to vote for candidates, who really know what your heart says, what your values are, you have some great, great republican candidates, and a lot of people think that i am always angry at congress.
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i am angry at democrats because of what they are doing to our country. i am angry at democrats because of what they do to our country. today's democrat party is held hostage by left wing haters, angry mobs, socialist fanatics, deep stake bureaucrats and the fake news allies. this is the best partner. [crowd jeering] that is their best partner. [chanting] president trump: the democrat
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party, their best ally is those people right there. i can't tell you how dishonest and corrupt so much of the media is. i can't even explain it, impossible to explain. nobody would believe it. nobody would. i don't mean everything. you have some fine people. some fine reporters. i know them. fine reporters. look. all the red lights are starting to go off. you have some fine people and some wonderful, wonderful professional reporters, but you watch the coverage that we get, and it is so unfair. we could have the greatest success, like for instance north korea, we are doing great. we're moving along. what do they say? there is nothing they can say. they say we met with him. they can't say anything else. they say he met.
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so many things they come up and then they say, oh, it is not moving fast enough. they have been covering these democrats for decades and haven't done a thing. i left. what did i leave, three months ago? we're doing great. but these are people that will take a great story and make it as bad as possible. they will take an ok story and make it horrible. so i can not tell you strongly enough, that is the single craziest ally of the democrats, 15 without them, they wouldn't be getting five percent of the vote. i will tell you. fake news. fake news. and you know, i have to say this, when i won the election, we won. i didn't win. we won. we won the whole thing. we won. [cheering and applauding]
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"the new york times" writes they apologized to their subscribers because they covered the election so badly because the subscribers say, how could this happen? he got nothing but bad stories because people don't read "the new york times" because it is a dishonest newspaper. it is terrible, but i will tell you what, i will tell you what? when we won, they suffered, but i said, i said, i got one thing -- in interviews, i say you know the good news, i will start now getting fair press and it happens for about a week. and now they are worse than
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they ever were. but it doesn't seem to have much of an impact, does it? not much of an impact. so the resistance to an extent because of them is filled with anger because their policies have been exposed as failure. real anger. the forces opposing us in washington are the same people who squandered trillions of dollars overseas, who sacrificed our sovereignty, who shipped away our jobs, who oversaw the greatest transfer of wealth in the history of the world. that is what happened to our country. and we're now recovering. we're bringing back our jobs. we are bringing back our companies. [cheering and applauding] in 2018, the american people voted to reject this corrupt globalism.
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hey, i'm the president of the united states, i'm not the president of the globe. [cheering and applauding] [crowd chanting "usa!"] president trump: you voted to make america great again. we are making america greater than ever before. it is happening before your eyes. [cheering and applauding] bitter democrats and their establishment cronies have spent every single day since 2016 trying to undermine the results of this incredible, historic presidential election that we won together.
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we want to keep it going. we want to do it the easy way. so this election day, go out there and vote. you gotta vote. everybody's got to go out and got to vote. i want to give a victory speech. i want to give a victory speech on the evening of election day, which is coming up very quickly. we're going to be talking about america, what we've done over the last almost two-year period. so don't forget. early voting, folks, early voting, october 20th.
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now, we need, we need in this election to do something special. i'm not saying there's ever going to be a time like we just went through. and a lot of people say that you're complacent now. i don't think we're complacent, and i'll tell you why. i'll tell you what i did. last week i said update it. i want to show you, i don't believe there has been any administration in the history of this country that has done more in two years, and we're not even up to two years yet, than our administration. look at this. so i said just write down some of the things. each one, point point point,
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four and a half pages, almost 4 million jobs created since the election, more americans are now employed than ever recorded before. think of that. today more americans are working than ever before. [cheers and applause] we created more than 400,000 manufacturing jobs. remember what president obama said, you can't have manufacturing jobs any more. by the way, he's campaigning again. that's good news. because if that doesn't spur you onto work, you know, when i was running, i swear i think he campaigned harder than hillary clinton. and we won big. 306-223. remember? there is no way, right? there is no way that donald
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trump gets to 270, no, we got to 306. look, manufacturing jobs, which he said you'll never have again, i'm saying why won't you have them? we're not going to make anything? these are the best jobs, manufacturing, they're like the best jobs, the most important jobs. manufacturing jobs growing at the fastest rate in more than 30 years. [cheers and applause] economic growth so they say, when i took this over, i'm telling you, it was a sick puppy, we were headed down. so last quarter we hit g.d.p. 4.1 adjusted upward 4.2%, right? look, point, point, point. look at this. new unemployment claims recently
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hit a 49-year low. you know what that means? simple. that means people are working. they're working. you know this, you've been hearing, and now it's even better, african-american unemployment has recently achieved the lowest rate ever recorded. [cheers and applause] what do you have to lose? remember? remember, i said what do you have to lose, people said oh, that's not nice. i said, hey, i go through a chart, it talks about the highest crime rates, the worst education, the worst homeownership, i'd go through and i just looked up one night and i said, you have been with the democrats, vote for me, what do you have to lose. remember that, right?
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[cheers and applause] hispanic, any hispanic -- yeah, i think so. hispanic american unemployment is the lowest rate in history. any asians? asian american unemployment recently achieved the lowest rate ever recorded in our history. you've heard me say this. women's unemployment, i'm sorry, i'm sorry, recently reached -- i'm sorry. only the lowest rate in 65 years. that's not as good. that's not as good. soon, this is important. youth unemployment recently hit the lowest rate in nearly 50 years. so great. under my administration, veterans unemployment recently reached its lowest rate in numerous decades, whatever that
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may be. almost 3.9 million americans have been lifted off food stamps. how good is that? [cheers and applause] think of it. they live better and it doesn't cost us anything. right? how good is that? we have companies now under the pledge to americas workers, they're training under our vocational programs workers, there's never been anything like this. we have retail sales surged last month, up over 6% over last year. we signed the biggest package of tax cuts and reforms in the history of the united states.
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[cheers and applause] as a result of the tax bill, small businesses will have the lowest top marginal tax rate in more than 80 years. that's not bad. we got through a little work and a little coordination, the united states bid for the 2028 summer olympics in los angeles, we got it. [cheers and applause] that was us. we just got the u.s.-mexico-canada, we just got the world cup in 2026. we needed -- i told you about the record number in history of regulations, that's such a big deal. we enacted regulatory relief for
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community banks and credit unions so they can now go and lone you money again. last month the f.d.a. approved more affordable generic drugs than ever before in its history. and one of the things we did with the f.d.a. is a thing called, i love the name, right to try. you know what that is? [cheers and applause] it was that if you were sick, terminally ill and we had a drug in the hopper that looked like it was really working out, this country for 50 years would not let you use that drug. they'd say no, it may harm you. well, you're terminally ill, so they couldn't get -- and there was a reason, not that easy. a lot of liability, a lot of everything, between the insurance companies and various different things, including government. i got it done. it's called right to try. so now instead of if you have money, if you don't have money you just go to your room. if you have money, i know people
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they traveled all over the world begging for a cure. we have the greatest medical people, the greatest medicines in the world. now you have the right to try, and it's going to work plenty, it's a big thing. [cheers and applause] we just secured $6 billion for the new funding to fight the opioid epidemic, $6 billion. [cheers and applause] you'll like this. we withdrew the united states from the job killing income killing paris climate accord. [cheers and applause] that was costing our country, and we have to cleanest air in the world, the cleanest water. remember this, i'm an
3:51 am
environmentalist, i want crystal clean water. i want crystal clean air. that's what we want. but i also want jobs to come to our country. so that was good. we secured a record 700 -- listen to this. we confirmed more court judges, think of this, than anybody. and we're going to get, we just got neil gorsuch, we're going to get brett. we've got great people. look at this. we moved the u.s. embassy to jerusalem. [cheers and applause] we're protecting, remember this, you'll never get that, they said that about everything. you'll never get that, you'll never get elected, you'll never
3:52 am
this. [cheers and applause] remember the tears, crying, oh. crying. ladies and gentlemen, the next president of the united states, this is on television, and i say oh don't cry, please, i want to be happy. don't cry. now they're crying more than ever, except you know they're torn. number one, they're crying, but they're making more money than they ever made because of us. but you know what's going to happen with these? i tell them, about six months after we start, six months before the election, they're going to endorse donald trump for president. you know why? because if they don't, those broadcasting companies, the "new
3:53 am
york times," all of those, they are going bankrupt so fast. so they'll be endorsing me. they'll be endorsing me. so i could go on for page after page after page. look at that. page after page, and to be a big thing. we're renegotiating the worst trade deals ever made by any country at any time. [cheers and applause] so democrats, i had to bring that out, just boom boom boom, why not. democrats want to give welfare and free health care to illegal aliens funded by the american taxpayers. how about this clown in california who is running for governor? just think. you got a lot of people from california that moved here, but
3:54 am
how about this guy. wait. he announces he wants open borders, then he wants to give them health care, education, everything. you know what's going to happen? california is going to have a billion people within a very short period of time. and somebody has to ask, who is going to pay for this? and you know how bad it's going to be, you talk about waiting on line for the vets, which we saw? you'll be waiting on line for 10 years, it's the craziest thing i've ever heard. open borders, come on into california, all over the world they're going to be pouring into california. republicans want to protect the safety net for the truly needy americans, people that need help, not for illegal aliens that come in to our country illegally.
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and when it comes to health insurance, donald trump and republicans will protect patients with pre-existing conditions. we're going to do that. [cheers and applause] we want to do that. democrats want to destroy medicare with so-called medicare for all, it's going to be bust before it even gets open. robbing from our senior citizens, you know that, it's going to be one of the great catastrophes ever, the benefits they paid for their entire lives are going to be taken away. republicans want to protect medicare for our great seniors who have earned it and they paid for it for their entire life, they paid for it. the democrat health care plan
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would force every american onto government-run health care and virtually eliminate all private and employer based health care plans. in other words you're going to have really bad health care and it's going to cost a lot of money. their plan would cost $32 trillion and require at least the doubling of your federal income taxes and probably much higher than that. the democrats would bankrupt the safety net through totally unlimited and uncontrolled immigration. immigration. you will see crime like you've never ever seen before. the policies of their party aren't just extreme, frankly they're dangerous and they're crazy. so what i want you to do, remember danny and dean and
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these people, you're going to go out and vote, because we're going to take this country and we're almost there, remember, it's make america great again, but very shortly. we're going to be changing that logo to keep america great. keep america. [cheers and applause] and we're going to lower taxes. [chanting u.s.a.] >> we're going to lower taxes. they want to raise your taxes, they want to double and triple your taxes, and we are going to save and we are going to cherish ice, ice. democrats want to open borders, which equals massive crime coming into our country.
3:58 am
republicans want strong borders and we want no crime. so here it is. we're going to make our country stronger than ever before. we're going to make our country richer and wealthier and so, you need that. look at how well we're doing. we're not ever going to apologize to other countries for our great success or for our great country. [cheers and applause]
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you now have a president who is standing up for america. we're standing up for your values, we're standing up for nevada, and we're standing up for our great national anthem. [cheers and applause] so we're going to do things. yeah know wh i've been saying, we're going to start winning again. we're winning now bigger than i ever thought. who would have thought this was going to happen. we thought it was going to happen but not this fast. remember this. all during our campaign i said we're going to start winning again, and you're going to have your representative, dean he
4:00 am
willer, and you're going to go to him. we love this. and you're going to say dean please see the president. nevada is winning too much. we can't stand it. we just can't take it. and dean's going to come to the oval office and say mr. president please, sir, stop winning so much. the people of nevada can't take it any longer, and with what am going to say? i'm going to say, sorry, dean. we're going to keep it going. look, here's the story. we really have around. we're respecteded again as a country. every time a person comes in to the offense oval office, a president, a king, a queen, a prime minister, they say mr. president congratulations on what you've done with turned it
4:01 am
country. ee we've never seen anything like it. all the time. i mean, i mean -- i have to be a little bit -- almost all the time. they say congratulations. some of them are saying that they're emulating us. but most importantly, again, we are respecteded. we are really respected. doing. we're and it's been a long time since our country has been respecteded. but we're doing. and it's respected again. so i love this state, i love
4:02 am
the people of this state, i was here a lot, i was here a lot, i was here a lot before i did this political thing. by the way, how did that work out? but, please, remember it could if you have the wrong people in washington, d.c. it can all end very quickly. bad things can happen to the economy very quickly. it doesn't take many bad decisions, and they will make all bad decisions. we can't let it happen. so i give you a pledge. we're going to work harder than ever before, we're going to work smarter than ever before. we are going to if you have the nobody thought was possible. and that's already starting.
4:03 am
so go out and vote. you're not let meg down. i'm never ever going to let you down. thank you very much. back very vote for danny, vote for dean, vote for all of them. we need soon. vote republicans in washington, d.c. we're going to keep it whether it's from las vegas to reno to carson city, we need every nevada patriot to go out and vote. go out and vote. we will keep it going. thank you, everybody. thank you very much. thank you, everybody. thank you. good luck.
4:04 am
4:05 am
night, cbs news chief white house correspondent talks about his book mr. trump's wild ride. >> it's not just about partisanship. it trance skends news chief parties. i describe him as proto partisan. he is bigger than partisanship ecause there is this emotional dine mo that he spins within people. he does it intentionally, sometimes he doesn't even know he's doing it but it happens. it is influencing e every aspect of american life. culture, economics, polls
4:06 am
ticks, and in ways you've detected, the way journalists interact with this ongoing story. >> the candidates in virginia's race spoke at a town hall meeting. here we show the event are some of the tv ads running during the campaign. >> fed up with tim cane's far left anti-trump record? check out corey stwuret. he has won five times not by selling out to liberals but by fighting for taxpayers. he cut county taxes the lowest in the region and kept them below inflation. his rating aaa he led the nation's toughest illegal alien crackdown.
4:07 am
and corey stwuret was the first in virginia to protect kids by putting retired cops in schools as our senator he will stand ith president trump. >> he promiseded to do something about it. >> i'm a republican and i like im cane is able to get epublicans and democrats
4:08 am
republicans and democrats to work together. >> that's rare these days. >> >> i want to keep virginia a leader in research, technology, and the good jobs. i help create the virginia tech medical school and research campus here. it's now a major employer that saves lives with cutting-edged research. we've fallen behind china in research. investing in centers like this can change that. medical research creates jobs, builds local economies, and makes health care better for ll virginians. >> senate candidates spoke at a town hall meeting. they discussed domestic policy and the economy. >>